Importance of Diwali

Diwali is one of the best and enjoyable festival. It brings lights into our life .We celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm with my family members and friends. Diwali is called the festival of lights because we celebrate it by lighting lots of diyas and candles. It is a traditional and cultural festival celebrated by each and every Hindu person all over India and abroad. People decorate their houses with lots of candles and small clay oil lamps indicating the victory of good over evil.

Family members spend most of the day time in preparing house (cleaning, decorating, etc) to welcome the festival with a grand evening party. Neighbors, family members, and friends get collected in the evening party and enjoy the party with lots of delicious Indian dishes, dance, music, etc all through the night. Houses look very attractive in whitewash, candle lights, and rangolis. High pitch music and fireworks make the celebration more interesting.

People go to their homes by taking off from their job, offices and other works students also book their train around three months ago to easily go to their home at the Diwali festival because everyone wants to celebrate this festival with their family members in the home town. People generally enjoy the festival by feasting, bursting crackers and enjoying the dance with family and friends.