Safe Diwali In Pandemic

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over and evil. It is festival of lights. As we celebrate this joyous festival this year, it is important to undertake precaution due to the spread of the pandemic.

The spirit of any festival is felt the most when we come together as a family, community and country to celebrate it together. But with physical distancing having become a norm. So, people have not been able to visit their relatives, family, friendsas much easily as before. So, video calling has becoming the best way to connect with family, friends & relatives who are far away. And if we practice enough caution we can avoid the spread of the virus.

In Diwali we get lots of gifts from our relatives, friends & family and even we give them gifts like chocolates, sweets, clothes & many more which we like. But apart from the usual Diwali, we canmake it a safer Diwali for our family by gifting items such as face masks, air purifiers, sanitising items,immunity booster, dry fruits, fresh fruits, herbs, etc. So that it will help to increase immunity power as well as it will avoid getting infected with the virus.

Diwali is also a time that we thank Goddess Lakshmi for all the blessings and ask her to continue showering the same on us. The pandemic has by force made us realise the value of those things that we might have taken for granted. Having a positive attitude might not help us directly with battling the pandemic but will spread happiness and improve our mental wellbeing.

This year we can expect to see people’s positive attitude light up and brighten up Diwali much more than the lanterns, diya’sand rangoli’s.Keep our home, office & our surroundings clean & constantly sanitize it. Take precautions and have a safe and happy Diwali.

Nikita Gabhale

Lead Generation Executive
Nikita, basically from PUNE. I’m working in ABSOLUTE GLOBAL OUTSOURCING PVT. LTD.& completing graduation as well.My hobbies are like to cook different types of dishes, to do something creative & I’m interested in sports as well.