Raat Thi Kaali,Life Thi Khaali Phir Sab Kuch Badla, Jab Ayee Diwali!!

The year 2020 has not been kind for me, as most of us have lost their job at the beginning of the year due to pandemic. But the good thing is everyone is in good health and fine around me. So as now there has been reopening of the companies I to got an absolute job in Absolute Global Outsourcing. I have been depressed all this lockdown but after joining AGO Pvt Ltd. company I just got a new spirit in me due to the people and atmosphere I am working in with.

This year I am not been able to go my home due to some good issues, going to miss my family but not much as I have got a new, big and lovely family with me. We have seen a lot this year good & bad mostly bad but May this Diwali and New Year bring success and happiness for all of us and the world may live in Peace and Harmony.

Diwali is mostly same for me as other days but this year I am hoping for something good and gonnaget good in anyhow I have my colleagues support with me and the mentors guidance at every single point, kind of feeling blessed for that, hoping it stays like that only.

So Happy Diwali guys stay blessed most importantly stay Happy and spread good Vibes.

Sagar Thakur

Lead Generation Executive
Sagar likes to work hard and dream to buy a car someday. He is travel entusiast and loves listening Music and watching movies in his free time.