Absolute Global Outsourcing that Delivers ROI

Faster ticket resolution

Increased first-time response times

Improved customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)

Quicker first-time call resolution

Decreased abandoned call rates

Decreased IT expenses and overhead

Best Services

Flexible Service Level Agreements

We offer flexible SLAs that can scale up or down depending on our client's requirements for time zone coverage, pricing, channels, helpdesk team size and technology skills.

Measurable Analytics & Insights

We hold ourselves accountable by providing our clients with data insights such as ticket volume, response times, customer sat scores, and more. Not only do our clients know what is being done, but they also see what we're learning from it and our recommendations for their business.

24/7 Global Helpdesk Support

Affirma can operate utilizing US-based, near-shore, or global resourcing depending on our client's preference and needs. Our global coverage through multiple worldwide locations allows our teams to be available to you at any time of day.

High-Quality, Low Cost

We take the headache out of hiring and managing full-time employees off your plate while saving you time and money. Our IT helpdesk outsourcing solutions focus on delivering quality customer experiences with the ability to scale on demand.

Absolute Global Outsourcing Services

Human-centric IT helpdesk support that delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to quickly solve your customer's and employee's IT challenges.

Tier , Tier 2, & Executive Escalation Support

Helpdesk KPis and Metrics.

Multi-Channel Helpdesk Support

Flexible SLAs and 24/7 Global Support

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